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We have the skills, experience, highly trained personnel, capacity, and ability to adjust to Customer’s evolving needs.

Custom Stators

Our custom stators are built to print and can be integrated with electronic control boards or hall sensors.

Custom Lamination Cores

We can make stator cores straight or skewed; with or without end insulators; with or without powder coating insulation (fluidize). We also have the capability to perform several machining operations, and much more…

Self Supporting Coils

Our high precision self-supporting coils can be wound using self-bondable magnet wire or standard magnet wire using a wet-wind process.

Custom Rotors and Armatures

We manufacture complete rotors and armatures to Customer’s specifications. We can install and weld commutators, install bearings, among other operations. Please contact us for further information.

Conventional & Linear Motor Assembly

We can build your custom conventional or linear motor strictly to your specifications. We have capabilities to build fractional motors and large motors up to 1200 HP.

Stator & Coil Encapsulation Services

Besides fabricating your motors, stators and /or self-supporting coils; we have the ability and experience to perform encapsulation using the vacuum epoxy transferring method and/or conventional trickle method.

Electric Control Board Assembly

We offer manual soldering of lead wires and/or electronic components to electronic control boards (ECB’s) by our specialized and highly trained personnel.

We are J-STD-001 certified and have all ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) controls in place.

Custom Mechanical Assembly & Wire Harnesses

Do you have a custom assembly need? Let us help you.

We build a wide variety of custom and specialized assemblies to Customer’s specifications. Either it is an Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial or Commercial application, we can provide the assembly solution that you require.

Windtech Inc. Advantage

We continually strive for excellence, high-quality service and competitive lead times, but still there are more reasons why you should consider us as your prime assembly supplier:

Competitive cost/high quality

We provide competitive cost/high quality assembly services.

Highly trained personnel

Our personnel goes through extensive training and internal certifications prior to producing parts.

All customers are important

Every Customer is very important and deserves the best we can offer.

AS9102 First Article Inspection Reports & APQP core tools

We perform AS9102 First Article Inspection Reports, PPAP, SPC, FMEA, CPK, MSA, IMDS among others.

Work together

Work together with your design/engineering team to propose alternatives to manufacture a more reliable product at a lower cost.


We are J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 certified.

About Our Company

We are first and foremost an assembly service company based in Arizona that works in strict conformance to Customer’s requirements and specifications. 

We serve industries as diverse as Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Energy, Industrial, Military, Commercial and others.

Industries Served

We serve much respected industries as diverse as Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Energy, Industrial, Military, Commercial and others.