We have the skills Experience Highly trained personnel Capacity and ability to adjust to Customer's evolving needs.

Custom Stators

Windtech Inc. has the expertise, experience and equipment to build custom stators to Customer’s specifications. Our 65000 sq. feet manufacturing facility enables us to offer high quality products and assembly services at a lower cost than competitors. We can do everything from prototyping one or a few stators to a full production scale program.

We can handle high slot fill designs and can integrate electronic control boards and/or hall sensors. We can also do encapsulation, potting and vacuum varnishing.

Windtech can design and fabricate the complete tooling and fixtures required for bonding, welding, powder coating, machining, end lamination installation, winding, forming, varnishing, testing and all other tooling/fixtures required for the assembly. We can also work with Customer supplied tooling.

Each and every stator that we make is fully tested to specification to assure our Customer’s satisfaction.

Our engineers can provide suggestions that will simplify the manufacturing process and thus lower the production cost.

Custom Lamination Cores

Our stator cores are fabricated to precise Customer’s specifications. You can provide the laminations or let us procure them for you. We can make them straight or skewed; with or without end insulators; and with our without powder coating (fluidize). We also have the capability to perform several machining operations such as: OD grinding, ID honing, chamfer, notches, thru holes, and several others. We will design and fabricate the complete tooling required for the assembly.

Self-Supporting Coils

Our high precision self-supporting coils can be wound using self-bondable magnet wire or standard magnet wire using a wet-wind process.

Coils wound with self-bondable magnet wire are voltage baked, which basically consists of winding the coil in a winding chuck and inducing voltage through the coil to let the bonding agent in the wire work. The dimensions are hold in place by using a special designed housing that goes over the winding chuck. Coils can also be wet-wound, in which the coils are brushed with several layers of a bonding agent. Coil powder coating (fluidize), potting or encapsulation can be also performed. Please contact us for further details.

Custom Rotors & Armatures

We manufacture complete rotors and armatures to Customer’s specifications. Contact us with your design and/or drawing package and we’ll work the rest. We are accustomed to working with tight tolerances and meeting all necessary compliances.

Our engineers can provide suggestions that will simplify the manufacturing process and thus lower the production cost.

Conventional & Linear Motor Assembly

We can build your custom conventional or linear motor strictly to your specifications. Among the motor types that we can build are: permanent magnet, DC Brushless, DC Brushed, induction, stepper, shaded pole, among others. We can handle fractional motors up to over 1000 HP motors. 

Magnet bonding is an operation that needs to be performed with high precision custom designed tooling, which we have the ability and experience to design and make. 

We perform 100% inspection an all parts we manufacture, giving you the confidence that every single item has passed all the testing criteria.

We have the experience, know-how, capability and competitive pricing to be your elite custom assembly supplier of your electric motor. Contact us with your design and drawings to obtain a quotation. 

Stator & Coil Encapsulation Services

Besides fabricating your motors, stators and /or self-supporting coils; we have the ability and experience to perform encapsulation using the vacuum epoxy transferring method and/or conventional trickle method.

As a value-added service we offer the encapsulation service to the parts we fabricate or to parts that you supply to us. Please contact us for further details.

Electronic Control Board Assembly

We offer manual soldering lead wires and/or electronic components to electronic control boards (ECB’s) by our specialized and highly trained personnel.

Our standard soldering procedures and consistent with J-STD-001.  We have a J-STD-001 certified trainer in-house that constantly provides tranining to our personnel.

We have a dedicated ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) area designed and equipped for this type of work. We can have PCBs manufactured from a design/silkscreen or you can provide your own PCBs.

Contact us for further details. 

Custom Mechanical Assembly & Wire Harnesses

We build a wide variety of custom and specialized assemblies to Customer’s specifications. Either it is an Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial or Commercial application, we can provide the assembly solution that you need.  

We have the most skilled work force in the industry. Contacts us and take advantage of our competitive pricing.

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