General Manufacturing Capabilities

Laser Cutting (non-metal materials)

Cutting Area

900 mm x 600 mm (35.4 in x 23.6 in)

Cutting Depth

Precise cutting of most common insulation materials such as Nomex 410/414, NKN 333/353/535/etc., Mylar, PTFE/Teflon, G10/G11, and many others up to 0.030” thick.


General purpose materials up to 0.125” (1/8”). Neoprene, Acrylic, most polymers.

Minimum feature size

1 mm x 1 mm [0.040 x 0.040 in]

Cutting Tolerance

± 0.1 mm [±0.004”]

Location Precision

≤ 0.01 mm [≤0.0005”]


End Laminations

Phase Insulators


Fluidize / Bed Coating

We offer hot-dipping powder coating using a variety of electrical resins, including 3M 260, 262, 263, 5230N, and others.

Hot dipping provides several advantages, including a controlled environment with homogeneous surfaces as well as better finish and overall appearance.

Thickness ranges from a few mils up to 0.030” (or more depending on specific material), with high precision for critical applications. Custom masking and post-machining are also offered for complex or tight geometries.

Compatible components include laminated stack/cores, stators, rotors, aluminum parts, steel parts, etc.


General coatings are also offered at Windtech, such as primers, anticorrosion and dielectric protection materials. Our experience includes air-dry and oven-cured coatings. Our team works with most paints, can/spray materials and air-pressurized coatings.

Dedicated booths to avoid cross-contamination available for critical applications.

Highly skilled personnel to ensure production consistency; thin-layer coatings up to 0.0003” thick (for special applications).

100% dimensional and visual inspection to ensure quality.


Welding Types

Windtech offers a wide variety of welding options. A few applications include laminated-core welding, induction rotors (copper or aluminum), winding connections (lead-wires, WYE, busbars, etc.) and custom parts.


  • High precision welding
  • Most steels, including stainless steel


  • DC & AC Welding
  • Custom automation capabilities
  • Most metals, including stainless steel and aluminum.


  • High temperature applications
  • Wire to wire connection
  • Wire to cable connection


  • AC/DC welding
  • General purpose


Our capabilities include most common varnishing practices such as Dipping, Trickle Varnishing (Impregnation), Full Vacuum-Pressure Impregnation (or partial VI/PI process). Including air-dry and oven-cured resins.

We can process parts as small as a fraction of an inch and up to 22” Dia., including lengths up to 28”; we also offer rotative-curing for custom applications.

Windtech has Weight/Mass inspection and visual UV inspection capabilities to ensure desired coverage for critical parts.

A few of the most common resins (typically in stock)
  • Dolph’s CC1105
  • Dolph’s CC-1105 HTC
  • Elantas PDG, 433-75 VTC
  • Elantas PDG, Isonel 51
  • Elantas PDG, Sterling Y-210
  • Elantas PDG, Sterling U-475 EH
  • Elantas PDG, Sterling EB920
  • Axalta, Voltatex 4200 Series
  • Elantas PDG, Sterling77X-010 


Windtech offers several encapsulation/potting methods, depending on customer needs and specific application. Full vacuum, Dipping, Injection and open mold methods are available at Windtech.

General dimensional capabilities are up to 22” OD / 28” L.

Post-machining processes are also offered.

Our wide variety of applications cover room temperature resins, oven-cure, 1 part, 2-part resins, controlled mixing, pre-vacuum, pre-heating and temperature monitoring.

A few of our most common compounds:
  • Cotronics, Duralco 4525
  • Elantas PDG, CONATHANE EN-2523
  • Elantas PDG, Epoxylite E-813-9
  • Henkel Loctite, STYCAST 2850FT
  • Lord Corp, EP Series
  • Dow Corning, RTV-4230-E
  • Many others
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