Engineering Services

We have the skills Experience Highly trained personnel Capacity and ability to adjust to Customer's evolving needs.

Special Machining

We provide a large range of machining services that meet general customer requirements. From turning, milling and grinding, to Honing and 5-axis CNC Machining.
Our highly trained and experienced personnel is able to handle most materials, geometries and applications.

Turning Size

24” MAX Diameter

Tolerances of ±0.001” for ≤6” Dia.
Tolerances from ±0.003” to ±0.005” for Diameters 24” MAX (up to 36” long with greater tolerances)

OD Grinding

Diameters up to 14” x 36”
Typical tolerances of ±0.0003”

ID Honing

From 0.0600” to 6.5000” [1.50 – 165 mm]
Up to 16” Long

General tolerances up to ±0.0005”

Tighter tolerance capabilities of 0.0001” – 0.0005” for small diameters (≤ 2in)

5-axis CNC Machining

29.50 x 16.54 x 23.80 in [750 x 420 x 603 mm]

12 in Chuck diameter

Material Compatibility

Stainless Steel
Copper (Commutators/Slip Rings)
Delrin, Nylon, Most polymers
Post machining (Encapsulated parts, powder coated sections, etc.)

Rotor Balancing

Maximum Weight of Workpiece

16 Kg [35.2 lb]

Maximum Diameter of Workpiece

300 mm [11.811 in]

Distance Between Two Bearings Supports

20–500 mm [0.787 – 19.685 in]

Journal Diameter

2–40 mm [0.078 – 1.575 in]

Minimum Achievable Residual Unbalance

Up to 0.1 g·mm/Kg *

Balancing according to ISO 1940

* This is the minimum residual dynamic unbalance for small/lightweight rotors. General achievable residual unbalance for most armatures is 0.3 g·mm/Kg.

Laser Marking/Engraving

Marking Area

150 mm x 150 mm [5.9 in x 5.9 in]

Marking Depth

≤ 2 mm [≤0.080”]

Minimum Line Width

0.015 mm [0.0006”]

Minimum Character size

0.2 mm [0.080”]


±0.003 mm [±0.0012”]

Material compatibility

Most Metals: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Copper.

Non-Metal Materials: Fiberglass, ABS, Delrin (acetal), Nylon, PVC, etc.




Commutator Fusing/Stake

Fusion welding on copper commutators for custom armatures. Our capabilities include commutators diameters of 0.375” MIN (3/8”), with pad width as small as 0.032” MIN (1/16”).

Up to 40X magnification to inspect each joint.

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