Windtech Inc. has the expertise experience and equipment capabilities to build custom parts to Customer's specifications.

Windtech Inc. has the expertise, experience and equipment capabilities to build custom parts to Customer’s specifications. Our 65,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility enables us to offer high quality products and assembly services at a lower cost.
Our team is capable of supporting any manufacturing scale, from prototyping one or a few units to a full production level program.
We understand how projects progress, so our Engineering and Quality team will support all validation steps of the program such as First Articles, PPAP, APQP, Cpk, GR&R, etc.


The Windtech team can produce high slot-fill stator designs and even integrate electronic control boards and/or HES (Hall Effect sensors). Our flexible manufacturing is able to adapt to virtually any design and provide manufacturing feedback to help reducing lead time, cost or improving critical design aspects (fit, dielectric, temperature, etc.).

Our processes cover most requirements to fabricate stators, including CNC winding, varnishing, encapsulation, powder coating, ESDS handling, custom testing, any many more.

Windtech also designs and fabricates the complete tooling and fixtures required for the manufacturing process of units such as bonding, forming, machining, winding, varnishing and gaging required for the assembly. We also work with preexisting tooling from customer and suggest improvements when needed.

100% of parts that we make are tested to specification to assure our customer’s satisfaction.


We fabricate cores to print specifications, including complex shapes and high-efficiency materials (special alloys and thin laminations). Customers can supply their own laminations or let us procure them.

We have vast experience with bonding, welding and dimple stacks. A few of the additional process considerations offer are skew angle, end insulators, powder coating (fluidize), machining (ID, OD, chamfer, notches, thru holes, facing, etc.) and others.

All tooling is created in house to reduce lead times.

Self-Supporting Coils

We can process self-supporting coils due to our multiple high precision CNC winders. From fine to rough wire sizes, round or non-standard shapes, and small or large coil sizes, our team is able to wind most parts. Windtech is able to work with self-bondable magnet wire or standard (no-adhesive) wires.

Self-bondable magnet wire allows easy and fast coils by activating the adhesive coating on the material. This process is typically performed by applying current to the coils and cooling down to room temperatures; however, oven baking is also offered.

Regular magnet wire coils are accomplished by applying varnish and oven-curing depending on material selected by customer; our team can help you select the right resin for your application.

We know the size, shape and performance of your coils is important, so our team will design and create custom tooling for your application and perform full inspection of each unit (visual, mechanical and electrical).

If your application requires higher-level assembly, our team can help you getting the exact product you’re looking for.

Rotors & Armatures

We manufacture complete rotors and armatures to Customer’s specifications. We have experience with most rotor topologies such as Permanent Magnet, Brazed and Slip-ring (Wound field).

Soldering, brazing, fusing and other manufacturing alternatives are available at Windtech.

We also specialize in complete rotor assemblies, including retention sleeving (with post-machining), bearing installation, dynamic balancing and final coatings.
Our engineers can provide suggestions that will simplify the manufacturing process and thus lower the production cost.


Windtech offers from partial assembly services to complete units; we also manufacture complete motors, conventional or linear strictly to customer’s specs. This also includes all main topologies: PM, DC Brushed, DC Brushless, Induction, Stepper, Shaded Pole, among others. We handle fractional motors up to over 1000 HP.

We also do heat-shrink installation, press-fit, bonding and other assembly techniques to comply design requirements. We have dedicated assembly stations to produce parts, including low-temperature freezers (up to -40°F), ovens (up to 500°F), ESDS Stations, Inspection equipment and everything required to complete your motors.

We perform BEMF tests, dynamic validation, sensor alignment, brush adjustment, gearbox installation, and all other required processes.

We perform 100% inspection and provide reports upon request for all parts we manufacture, giving you the confidence that every single item has passed all the testing criteria.

We have the experience, know-how, capability and competitive pricing to be your elite custom assembly supplier of your electric motors.

Stator & Coil Encapsulation Services

Besides fabricating your motors, stators and /or self-supporting coils; we have the ability and experience to perform encapsulation using the vacuum epoxy transferring method and/or conventional trickle method.

As a value-added service we offer the encapsulation service to the parts we fabricate or to parts that you supply to us. Please contact us for further details.

Electronic Control Board Assembly

We offer manual soldering lead wires and/or electronic components to electronic control boards (ECB’s) by our specialized and highly trained personnel.

Our standard soldering procedures and consistent with J-STD-001. We have a J-STD-001 certified trainer in-house that constantly provides training to our personnel.

We have a dedicated ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) area designed and equipped for this type of work. We can have PCBs manufactured from a design/silkscreen or you can provide your own PCBs.

Contact us for further details.

Custom Mechanical Assembly & Wire Harnesses

We do a wide variety of custom and specialized assemblies based on customer needs. Either it is an Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial or Commercial application, we can provide the assembly solution that you need.

Our specialized workforce is well experience in complex applications, including critical soldering (J-STD-001 Certified IPC Trainers), electric clutches, brakes, custom or of the shelf connectors, etc.

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